Lowell Dijkstra (1952)- ‘between and I fragments of Sappho’ for mezzo-soprano and two harps (2007). Engelse vertalingen: Anne Carson

Fr. 30
night [
all night long
might sing of the love between you and the bride
with violets in her lap
wake! And go call
the young man so that
no more than the bird with piercing voice
shall we sleep

Fr. 94
And with sweet oil
you anointed yourself
and on a soft bed
you would let loose your longing
and neither
any nor any
holy place nor
was there from which we were absent
no grove no dance
no sound.

Fr. 48
you came and I was crazy for you
and you cooled my mind that burned with longing

but if you love us
choose a younger bed
for I cannot bear
to live with you when I am the older one